Bring Enhancement To Your Event


If you can imagine it – we can provide it! We are here to help make your dreams become reality. Let us walk you through all the exciting options available to make your event that once in a life time memory. Here are just a few of our enhancement services. Speak with your event planner for individualized options.

TV Screens


Our screens are great for showing photo montages, music videos, ambient graphics or Digital Zap photos. This is a great alternative if your venue does not have enough room for a projection screen to be visible by all guests.

Cold Spark Wedding.jpeg
Cold Sparks

A revolutionary special effect that looks just like a classic pyrotechnic display, without the dangers associated with common fireworks.

Projection Screens


Projection screens provide a larger viewing area than an L.C.D. screen. They are great for larger venues. We suggest placing them in a location where all guests can view the screen without major relocation of their seat. These screens are also great for showing photo montages, music videos, ambient graphics, and Digital Zap Photos.

Co2 Jet

The CO2 Cryo Jet is great for epic DJ sets, night clubs, sporting events, field entrances, theatre productions, weddings, special events and more!