• Audio for lectures, music, or bands including microphones, monitors, backline, and speakers

  • Digital & Analog Mixing consoles

  • Point Source or Line Array Speaker systems

  • Wired/ wireless microphones and DI boxes for musicians

  • Communication systems such as walkie talkies and ClearComm


  • LED video walls, video monitors or projection screens

  • Video playback for IMAG of the stage, PowerPoint, or pre-recorded footage

  • Video Streaming + Recording



  • Dance floor lighting (static or computer controlled)

  • Up lighting

  • Pin spotting of the centerpieces

  • Band/stage wash

  • Décor highlighting

  • Bistro/market lighting


  • Trussing for creative setups around the room

  • Full staging design

Corporate Holiday Party

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A Simple General Session

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Breakout Session

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Corporate Holiday Party

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